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The Fishing Guide

Top Tips for the Best Fishing Guides and Charters


Top among the things that will make your fishing trip successful are the boat (like this one) and the captain. It can take you years before you learn to fish like a pro or you can do it immediately you hit the waters- the decision is entirely yours. Next is a look at tips to picking the right fishing charter.


Make certain not to pick the cheapest option there is because the captain may not be insured, experienced, bonded or licensed. Besides, he may not be a member of the guide's association in that locality. The absence of these aspects will expose you to the worst fishing experiences ever, especially if emergencies happen.


Research the marina where the boat is based to get more information about the boat and its activities. It is this research that will tell you how many trips the boat makes in a particular period and how successful the fishing is. Your research should also focus on the type of navigational and safety gear they have onboard since you need all the help available, especially if you run into unexpected situations.


The location of the marina at this site is another point of importance. It makes no sense traveling for 3 hours to get to a marina whereas there is one down the road from your location. Give thought to the fact that fishing boats leave very early in the morning, and that means you will have to wake up really early if you have to make it in time for the departure.


Many people err when they give too much attention to the selection of boats and ignore the captains who they expect to rely on when they hit the waters. You need to realize that your experience is bound to be horrible if your captain is not good, regardless of the fact that the boat chosen is superb.


The duration of your trip determines numerous things. So, decide early on about spending half a day, a whole day, or several nights. Note that you are likely to catch more fish if you stay long, but there is no guarantee. It is also true that the likelihood of catching the biggest fish increases when you stay in the water longer.


Your choice of boat will determine how pleasant your experience is. It is advisable to inform the captain about your intended activities so that he can help in the boat selection. Besides, there could be restrictions as to how far into the water some boat types may go due to safety and other reasons.


It helps to find out if you will keep your catch or if all fish are to be released back into the water. Being in possession of this information beforehand ensures that you will stay away from possible disappointments.